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Aircraft Carrier Survival Out Today on Steam

Simulator set in World War II
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Warsaw, Poland –April 20, 2022– Independent developer CreativeForge Games is releasing Aircraft Carrier Survival, a simulator set in World War II on Steam today. 
If you like war themed games, Aircraft Carrier Survival, puts you in charge of an aircraft carrier, its crew, officers and planes as you choose the right equipment, crew, and escort for each mission. Your success will depend greatly on your flexibility in managing the available fleet resources.
You must focus on taking the best decisions to survive in a hostile environment in the middle of the ocean. Use maneuvers, aircraft, anti-aircraft turrets, and whatever else you can to survive the enemy attack.
Currently, a free-to-play Tutorial of Aircraft Carrier Survival is available on Steam.   

Manage crew and officers
Assign a crew and choose what your officers should focus on. Your ship has many stations to man, and proper management will be the key to executing your plan, whether by taking on an enemy directly, sneaking past them, or taking an alternative route to completely avoid contact.
Damage control
Your damage control teams can handle fire outbreaks, torpedo strikes, hull flooding, enemy bombardment, airstrikes, and suicide attacks from enemy planes, but not all of them at once. Assess which threats need to be dealt with first in order to survive.
Survive and fight back
Use maneuvers, aircraft, anti-aircraft turrets, and whatever else you can to survive the enemy attack. Make sure that any enemy who dares to attack you will end up in the depths of the Pacific.
Hard decisions
Will you risk all lives on the vessel to save the one in need? Do you have what it takes to make a decision on the spot? No matter what, some sacrifices will be necessary and the only source of redemption is victory.
Mission planning
Use intel collected during recon missions to prepare pilots and aircraft for large operations. Target enemy land bases and even their entire fleets. Identify opponents before choosing attack directions and deciding the sequence of targets and maneuvers.  

  • Take control of an aircraft carrier in World War II.
  • Manage the crew, the officers and the planes.
  • Choose the right equipment, crew, and escort for each mission.
  • Survive in a hostile environment in the middle of the ocean and fight back against your enemies.
  • Plan your missions, target your objectives and keep most of your crew safe from attacks.
Additional Information  About CreativeForge Games
Established by veterans of the Polish games development industry in 2011 to fuse an experienced and professional approach to game development with creativity and freedom enabled by operating as an independent studio.
Today CFG is a team of experienced specialists in all walks of gamedev life and talented newcomers full of energy and new, original perspectives. The company has been growing organically since its founding and believes in a sustainable and deliberate expansion.
CreativeForge Games is a development studio creating its own games for PCs and consoles. CFG creates proprietary projects, focusing on one key production at a time.
With previously produced games, the Company used global publishers - partners responsible for the promotion and sale of products. According to the scope of agreements concluded with publishers, they bring expertise in the field of media relations, marketing and sales, as well as their own contracts and agreements with broadly understood business partners.
Until now, over 90% of CFG products were sold on Steam, but the proportion of this sales channel will decrease in the near future, due to the release of Phantom Doctrine also on consoles.

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