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Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra Free Update Drops the Chill City-Builder's Temp Down to Freezing

The Wandering Band adds challenging Tundra biome in new DLC to the acclaimed flying city builder
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August 16, 2022 – The Wandering Band's BAFTA-nominated Airborne Kingdom is often described as a chill city-building experience. And it's about to get chill-ier with the Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra update. This free DLC, available on Monday, September 19, 2022, introduces a frosty new biome, which presents players with the most difficult challenge in the game yet. The Lost Tundra is filled with mysteries and surprises – and long-forgotten secrets that have been claimed by its inhospitably frigid climate. Those who can't keep their kingdoms from freezing over are destined to follow the same fate.
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Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra is designed with experienced players in mind. The Lost Tundra is open for exploration even for players who haven't completed the game, but it will be challenging. Food, water, and coal resources aren't present in the Lost Tundra, and maintaining the kingdom is a difficult task. To make matters worse, the temperature takes a toll on the kingdom's very structure, freezing parts and lowering their efficiency. The effects can be mitigated with new furnace structures but at the cost of resources and additional weight. Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra requires that players reevaluate how they approach nearly every facet of kingdom construction and maintenance.
The challenge is accompanied by great rewards, too. Hidden locations unlock gorgeous new cosmetics and customizations, rewarding those brave and clever enough to survive this desolate new frontier.
The Airborne Kingdom: The Lost Tundra update will be available September 19 on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, and PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch consoles.
About The Wandering Band
The Wandering Band is a small umbrella for creating interesting games while wandering the world and expanding horizons. With decades in AAA game development working on franchises including Dragon Age and Battlefield, The Wandering Band team aims to create new experiences, challenge genre boundaries, and explore new topics through game mechanics. To learn more, please visit The Wandering Band’s official website.
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