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Aether Gazer’s Closed Beta Test Sign-ups Are Officially Open! Prepare to Upload Your Consciousness into Gaea!

Anime-themed mobile ARPG invites sign-ups for first global closed beta test.
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August 16, 2022 – Shanghai – After releasing its concept trailer, the latest ARPG for mobile, Aether Gazer, is announcing the launch of its first global closed beta test. This anime-themed ARPG is set in an apocalyptic dystopia with abundant futuristic and sci-fi elements. The Aether Gazer CBT will be available on Android in North America, Europe, Japan, and SEA. Register for the CBT to begin exploring Gaea before the final launch.
Details About Aether Gazer CBT
The main storyline chapters 0-5 will be open to players during this first-round CBT. Players can expect to experience the Challenge Gameplay with various modes, like Dimensional Variables, Causality Survey, Recurring Dream, and more. The Sigil Stages and Supplies Acquisition Stages are simultaneously open for all participants.
Moreover, there are twenty characters that can't wait to meet all the new players, like Asura (Position: Lone Wolf), Kuninotokotachi (Position: Pheasant Squad Member), and Verthandi (Position: Overture Squad Member).
When the CBT is over, the registered accounts will be preserved, but all game data will be deleted, and the test server will be restricted to access. Also, all in-game purchases are not available during the CBT. Nevertheless, the daily regular supplies and daily special supplies will be distributed to all players.

CBT Daily Supplies include:
Modifier Scan Voucher *10
Functor Scan Voucher*10
Coolant (M)*6
CBT Special Supplies include:
Ryugiri - Kagutsuchi*1 (September 20)
Shikigami·The Unawakened*1 (September 21)
Rāhu - Asura*1  (September 22)
Synchronics·The Unawakened*1 (September 23)
Arctic Abyss - Poseidon*1 (September 24)
Herald·The Unawakened*1 (September 25)
AblaZe - Tyr*1 (September 26)
Elf·The Unawakened*1 & Functor Scan Voucher*10 (September 27)
Early Sakura - Ookuninushi*1 & Modifier Scan Voucher*20 (September 28)
Pharaoh·The Unawakened*1 & Modifier Scan Voucher*40 (September 29)
How to Register for the CBT
The upcoming Aether Gazer CBT will only be available on Android. Players can sign up for the Aether Gazer CBT for a limited time from August 12, 20:00 PM to August 31, 19:00 PM (UTC-7). The exact date will be announced at a later point in time.
For now, players can register for the CBT with their email address on the Aether Gazer Official Website. 5,000 testers for this beta will be randomly selected from the limited-time registration. A higher chance of participating in the CBT will be granted to the players who complete the questionnaire followed by the registration.

Sign Up for Closed Beta Test Now
About Aether Gazer
In Aether Gazer, players can expect to engage in an immersive and exciting combat system with flexible skill chains. Players never fight alone as their three-modifier squads team up with them for each battle. The main character chosen by players can be coupled with other characters for ultimate skill chains thanks to interchangeable character move sets. A combat trailer has been released that provides a preview of combat and a brief glimpse at characters that will appear in the game.
Watch the Combat Trailer Here
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