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Acclaimed VR adventure Eye of the Temple gets free update with speedrun challenges and leaderboards

Rune Skovbo Johansen releases the Speedrun Challenges update with bite-sized fast-paced physical challenges and Steam leaderboards integration
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April 28, 2022 - VR adventure Eye of the Temple is mostly known for its stellar immersion, novel room-scale locomotion, and whip and torch puzzle solving. Now, a new free update transforms it into a competitive physical challenge for the extra daring adventurers.
You can find a new trailer for the Speedrun Challenges update here.

In the new Speedrun Challenges, players can build up incredible speed, with each well-timed step from one moving block to another speeding up the movements further. The occasional dodging and ducking under obstacles in the regular game becomes a real workout at high speeds and a test of the player's reflexes and grace. Most challenges can be completed in just a few minutes though – that is, if you can resist trying again to beat your own time or to get a better position on the Steam leaderboards.
New features in the Speedrun Challenges update:
Three bite-sized challenges, with more to come
The new update initially comes with three speedrun challenges named "Into the Temple", "To the Gorge" and "Creaking Gorge" which are unlocked by playing through the corresponding sections of the normal game. Additional challenges are scheduled for future updates.
A workout unlike any other VR game
Many VR games can give you a workout, but no other game will see you racing through a treacherous temple at the same time, using your own feet and body to navigate your way through.
Beat your personal best time or aim for the top
Feel the satisfaction of beating a challenge a little faster than you were able to before. You can also compare your times on the leaderboards with those of your Steam friends and everyone else playing.
Speedrun the full game
It has always been possible to speedrun the full game, but now this too has leaderboards integration, with separate boards for completing the game with the normal or the best ending. The current record-holder has completed a speedrun of the full game, which normally takes 4-5 hours to complete, in just 36 minutes!
Join the speedrunning community
Those in the speedrunning community, or those interested in joining it, can upload recorded videos of their runs on the game's page on There are boards for both the bite-sized challenges and full game runs, including variants for completing runs with or without glitches.

Last but not least, the Speedrun Challanges update brings a 20% discount for Eye of the Temple (ending May 4).
Eye of the Temple received Road to VR's 2021 Design Award for Excellence in Locomotion, and it was included in UploadVR's 10 Best PC VR Games of 2021. It's available on Steam for SteamVR-compatible headsets including Oculus/Meta, Valve Index, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality and requires a play area of 2m x 2m.
Learn more and reach out!
You can purchase Eye of the Temple on Steam (, stay up to date through Twitter ( and join in the official Discord server (
About Rune Skovbo Johansen
Rune Skovbo Johansen is a Danish independent game developer based in Turku, Finland. His work spans games and other interactive experiences, focused on tech, wonder and exploration. Before going solo in 2020, Rune worked 12 years as a usability focused developer at Unity Technologies while working on his own games on the side. Eye of the Temple is his debut commercial game.

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