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Players can look forward to this punishing DLC that will treat them with 17 fresh scenarios and over 20 hours of new content
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PARIS, FRANCE – July 18th 2022 – Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios have celebrated today the 3rd Anniversary of Gloomhaven’s Early Access Launch with the announcement of the Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges DLC arriving September 22nd on Steam and GOG for PC and macOS. This new punishing DLC is the digital adaptation of the board game expansion, refined and rebalanced for digital gameplay in close collaboration with Isaac Childres, the creator of the original game. This second DLC will offer 17 deadly Solo Scenarios that players can encounter and 17 new unique unlockable items for specific mercenaries. 


The Solo Scenarios will offer an even harder challenge for seasoned players as each one is designed to be completed by only one specific mercenary with 17 unique rewards and devastating new enemies. Both rewards and scenarios were intricately designed to the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen mercenary and will give players 20 hours of additional content. In order to access these exciting scenarios, a mercenary will have to reach level 5 in the Campaign. Once the scenario is completed, the mercenary will be rewarded with a unique item that only they can use. The rewards will also be available in the Guildmaster mode and players will have to complete each mercenary’s 2nd story mission in order to access them. 
In multiplayer, players will have to take up the challenge alone and complete this Solo Scenarios by themselves whilst friends spectate. Players will also be able to tackle the challenge offline and then import their rewards on their multiplayer save. 

Adapted from Isaac Childres’ acclaimed board game, winner of six Golden Geek awards, Gloomhaven Digital celebrates its 3rd Early Access Launch Anniversary. The game offers a unique tactical card-based gameplay rewarding only the most daring players with the sharpest minds. Fully playable in online co-op with up to four players, Gloomhaven features all the content from the original board game alongside an exclusive digital-only Guildmaster campaign and all-new features. 
The first DLC, Jaws of the Lion, launched earlier this year in May, includes four new mercenaries, new enemies and the 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion. 
Gloomhaven Digital’s DLCs are fully playable in online co-op for up to 4 players. Every player will need to own the DLCs in order to access the new content in multiplayer. 

Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges will be available on Steam, GOG, PC and macOS for €4,99 / £4.19 / $ 4.99 
Gloomhaven – Jaws of the Lion is available on Steam, GOG, PC and macOS for €17.99 / £13.99 / $17.99 
Gloomhaven is available on Steam, GOG, PC and macOS for €34.99 / £27.79 / $34.99 
The game features text in English, French, German, and Spanish. 

You will find all the visuals and PR materials available here

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More information about Asmodee Digital on: Web, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

About Asmodee Digital  
Asmodee Digital, a fully owned subsidiary of the Asmodee Group, is an international publisher and distributor of video games. Asmodee Digital manages the creation, design, publishing, and marketing of video games for Asmodee Group and third-party creators on PC (Steam, Epic), consoles (Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox), mobile and VR. Asmodee Digital aims at bringing passionate people together around memorable video gaming experiences. These include best-selling products with a board game DNA such as Gloomhaven, CATAN, Ticket to Ride, The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game or Splendor. Asmodee Digital also publishes Dark Envoy, the Guns N’ Sorcery RPG, along with exciting indies’ gems such as Ember Knights or Innchanted, with more yet to be announced.  
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About Flaming Fowl Studios 
Flaming Fowl Studios is an independent game studio, rising from the ashes of the renowned Lionhead Studios and have previously worked on titles such as the original Fable trilogy and The Movies. Our company goal is to build deep and interesting strategic experiences with fascinating twists and a healthy dose of humor. We also aim to include our fans and customers in the development process and by working together we hope to create something special.   
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