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“A Hero’s Rest” Early Access Release Date Revealed.

The Time to run your own fantasy town might be just around the corner!
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1st of August, 2022. “A Hero’s Rest” announced on their Steam Page that the game will release on the 12th of October, 2022 in Early Access, shortly after the conclusion of the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

If you wanted to try the game prior to its release, a demo will be available from the 21st of September and throughout the Steam Next Fest, which will allow players to play the first 20 days of their town, on one map out of the three that will be released at launch.

About “A Hero’s Rest”

Developed by two developers, “A Hero’s Rest” promises to deliver the experience of running a town in a medieval fantasy setting. You will need to build shops, craft gear with hundreds of customization options and send heroes on quests to ward off the dangers that threaten your town, all while managing the various game resources, Town reputation and The King’s Favor.
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PR Contact & Social Links:

Alan Kilzi. CEO & Co. Founder
[email protected]com

E-mail: [email protected]

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