Xbox 360's Global Install Reaches 25 Million, Trumps Original Xbox

Microsoft says the global installed userbase of the Xbox 360 has surpassed that of the original Xbox, with sales of over 25 million units. The Xbox 360 achieved the figure a year faster than the original, as sales continue to rise.
The global installed userbase of the Xbox 360 has surpassed that of the original Xbox, with sales of over 25 million units, Microsoft says. The company predicted that the milestone would be reached by the end of November at the recent annual BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference. Speaking to UK trade paper MCV, Microsoft’s VP of interactive entertainment business for EMEA Chris Lewis confirmed that the target had already been exceeded. "We’ve already surpassed the installed base of the original Xbox – which is a really significant milestone. We’ve been blown away by the appetite of people to consumer digital entertainment experiences," said Lewis. Recently at the BMO conference Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division corporate VP and CFO Mindy Mount commented: "It's a great milestone for us, but it's still only a start, when you consider that history shows that more than three-fourths of a console's sales come at a price of $199 or lower," a price point that the company reached just a month ago. Even though Microsoft abandoned the original Xbox after just four years on sale, it managed to beat the global total of the GameCube, which stuck at around 22.5 million units. The Xbox 360 reached its current total after just three years, with sales brisk across the world following high-profile price cuts.

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