Xbox 360 Is 'Absolute Home Run' Says Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer denies that recent Xbox 360 price cuts were because the company had "run out of ideas to boost sales," calling the console "an absolute home run," according to media reports.
The Xbox 360 is "an absolute home run," according to comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, defending the console in a new interview focused on the company’s consumer businesses. Speaking to The Mercury News, Ballmer was asked whether the recent price cuts of the Xbox 360 was made because of increased competition and because the company had "run out of ideas to boost sales." "No, that's the craziest thing I've ever heard anybody say,” answered Ballmer. "All consoles start at higher prices. They always come down through the long cycle." Pressed on why the why the company had implied that there would be no Christmas price cut at E3 in July, Ballmer replied: "Price is not something you discuss externally. Nobody ever does. So, whether we were planning on cutting price the next day or in six months or a year, we're not going to discuss price changes.”" Ballmer also referred to Office 2007 and Windows Vista "over the last six months or so" as successes for the company, adding: "If you ask me, Xbox Live is going gangbusters. The console is selling well."

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