Xbox 360 Breaks Australian Hardware, Software Sales Records

Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox 360 has become the fastest selling video game console ever in Australia, having sold more than 100,000 units in its first seven months, with over 400,000 games sold in the same period.
Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox 360 has become the fastest selling video game console in Australia, having sold more than 100,000 units since its launch seven months ago. Previously the record was held by Sony's PlayStation 2, which sold 78,000 units in its first seven months of sale. After considerable delay, brought on by global shortages of the Xbox 360 hardware, the Australian launch of the Xbox 360 did not take place until March 23rd of this year. Following this, however, over 30,000 units were sold in its first four days alone. In addition, software sales for the Xbox 360 have set a similar record, with 400,000 games for the console sold in the country since launch according to data compiled by market research firm GfK, compared to 190,000 games sold for the PlayStation 2 in the same period following its launch. The news builds upon Microsoft's lead within the next-generation console marketplace, a head start that looks to continue to grow in the face of relaxed competition from Sony. The electronics giant announced in September that it would delay the release of the PlayStation 3 in Australia and the PAL territories of Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa until March 2007. David McLean, regional director for Xbox Australia and New Zealand, commented, “Xbox 360 has taken off in Australia demonstrating that the game has changed and consumers are ready for the next-generation of gaming now. Xbox 360 provides amazing value for the whole family and with the biggest line-up of next-generation games and accessories, we are confident that there will be lots of Xbox 360s sitting under Christmas trees this year.”

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