XBLA Schedule Updated With Texas Hold ‘em, Konami Classics

Following the announcement of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday's program, which saw the re...
Following the announcement of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday's program, which saw the release of five arcade classics from July 12 to August 9, including titles such as Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting and Pac-Man, the company has confirmed the next batch of releases for the popular Xbox 360 online service. Microsoft is taking a break from releasing new arcade games this week, instead making available four new picture packs for Ninja Bee's Cloning Clyde at 100 Microsoft Points ($1.25) each. However, the arcade releases resume on August 23 at 6pm EST with the debut of Texas Hold ‘em for download over the Xbox Live Marketplace. In addition, the full version of the game will be available for download for free by all Xbox Live Gold and Silver members during its first 48 hours of availability. Starting at 6:01pm EST on August 25, the game will resume its normal price of 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The title will feature persistent bankrolls, which will be tied to players' Gamertags and keep a running tally of chip counts. Players who loose all of their chips will have to return to the lower stakes buy-in games to earn their way back to the bigger tables. Texas Hold ’em will also support up to eight players, and feature three modes of gameplay, including standard games, scenarios, and tournaments. The two weeks following the release of Texas Hold ’em will see additional Xbox Live Arcade titles released for download, both from Konami. On August 30, players will be able to download the classic 1982 shooter Time Pilot, which will feature high-definition graphics and “enhanced gameplay” for 400 Microsoft Points ($5). The following week on September 6, Konami's 1981 arcade side scrolling shooter Scramble will be released for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) as well. The continuing dedication to the Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays program follows recent statements by Microsoft's Greg Canessa, who commented in a recent podcast by Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb that Microsoft plans to have 30 new titles available for download by the end of the summer, and 50 total by the end of 2006.

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