Weekly UK Sales Charts Are More Than Meets The Eye

After three weeks of trying, Activision’s Transformers has finally hit the top spot in the UK game sales chart, despite a 10 percent sales drop - however, it's one of only two titles in the top ten which are not exclusively for either the DS or Wii
After three weeks of trying Activision’s Transformers movie license has finally hit the top spot in the UK sales chart, despite a 10 percent drop in sales. However, it is one of only two titles in the top ten which are not exclusively for either the Nintendo DS or Wii. Although combined sales for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl would have propelled the title to the top spot, a 20 percent decline in Pokemon Diamond’s sales saw it reduced to the number two spot. Nevertheless, a total of seven games in the top ten are first party Nintendo games, with 505 Games’ import of Cooking Mama on Wii and Nintendo DS also performing well at number ten. There are few new faces in the top forty this week, with the highest ranking being the Wii's Mario Party 8 reappearance at number nine, after being voluntarily recalled by Nintendo on its initial release. The multiformat Resident Evil 4 also reappears at number twenty-six, with the only genuine new entry this week being PlayStation 2 karaoke game SingStar ‘90s at number thirty-two.
12Transformers: The GameActivisionPS2/360/Wii/PS3/PC/DS/PSP3
21Pokemon DiamondNintendoDS2
33Pokemon PearlNintendoDS2
44Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixEAPS2/360/Wii/PS3/PC/DS/PSP6
57Wii PlayNintendoWii30
66More Brain Training from Dr KawashimaNintendoDS6
75Big Brain Academy for WiiNintendoWii3
89Dr Kawashima's Brain TrainingNintendoDS61
9REMario Party 8NintendoWii3
1011Cooking Mama505 GamesWii/DS16
Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2007. ELSPA Ltd

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