Warner Bros. Appoints MGS Vet Fryer As General Manager

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment appointed Laura Fryer, formerly an executive producer at Microsoft Game Studios, as general manager for its Seattle development studio, where she'll lead Monolith Productions and recently acquired Snowblind Studios.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) announced the appointment of Laura Fryer as general manager for its Seattle development studio. Prior to WBIE, Fryer was one of the first members of Microsoft Game Studios and served as executive producer for the company, where she helped ship titles like Crimson Skies, Fighter Ace, and the Gears of War series. She also previously worked as the director of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, and is a founding member of the Xbox project. Fryer will oversee and "set strategic direction" for WBIE's internal development studios based in Seattle, which include F.E.A.R. 2-developer Monolith Productions and recently acquired Snowblind Studios (Justice League Heroes, Death Tank). “Laura's extensive career demonstrates her great understanding of the process and her ability to innovatively grow our development studios,” says Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's SVP of Development and Production Samantha Ryan. “Utilizing her expertise to direct our Seattle studios in several key areas, we are looking forward to developing quality games under her leadership in the most efficient ways.”

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