News Licenses BigWorld Suite For Upcoming MMO

New Orleans-based independent developer (Galactic Assault, Massive Assault series) licensed BigWorld's Technology Suite, a middleware platform designed for massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds, for its upcoming MMO.
New Orleans-based independent developer licensed BigWorld's Technology Suite for its upcoming massively multiplayer online game. Designed as a middleware platform for massively multiplayer online games and virtual worlds, the BigWorld Technology Suite is comprised of BigWorld Server Software, Content Creation Pipeline, 3D Client Engine Package, and Live Management Tools & Instrumentation. BigWorld's previously-announced licensing partners include Meteor Games, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, and 38 Studios. Founded in 1998, has development offices in Minsk, Belarus, with over 80 employees. Its previous military strategy titles include Galactic Assault: Prisoner of Power and the Massive Assault series. "Having built many engines from the ground up, we were looking for a complete solution to develop our first MMO that will save us time and eliminate technical risks," says CEO Victor Kislyi. "BigWorld’s Technology Suite, along with their world-class support, is key in allowing us to develop our title quickly, without sacrificing the quality and features we expect of a best-of-class middleware solution."

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