Virtual Heroes Executives To Present At SGS D.C.

Serious games company Virtual Heroes has confirmed that the company's chief executive officer and chief technical officer will speak at this week's Serious Games Summit on raising investment dollars and on biofeedback for medical-related serious games.
Serious games company Virtual Heroes, which specializes in creating learning solutions for federal systems, digital health and corporate training, has confirmed that the company's chief executive officer and chief technical officer will speak at this week's Serious Games Summit. In addition, the company is also scheduling one-on-one demonstrations of its learning platform and is co-sponsoring the Developer Showcase Reception on closing night. SGS D.C., which is produced by The CMP Game Group (which also runs Serious Games Source and sister site Gamasutra), will take place from Monday, October 30 through Tuesday, October 31, 2006 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. The event will include multiple sessions focusing on a wide variety of topics. The Summit's purpose is to provide a platform for game developers, buyers and industry professionals to exchange ideas and advance the state of the art of serious games development in areas such as corporate training, education, first responders, government, health, military, science, and social change. On Tuesday, October 31, Jerry Heneghan will speak as part of the Business Deals track. Heneghan will present a how-to session on raising investment dollars for a serious games company, sharing his personal triumphs and failures with angel investors, venture capitalists and other funding sources. He will also talk about making the move from a service-oriented business to a product focused organization. In addition, company CTO Randy Brown will speak on Tuesday as part of the Assessment and Results track demonstrating how biofeedback can be integrated as an assessment tool into projects dealing with medical team training and adaptive thinking and leadership. Here he will relate experience from his current role at Virtual Heroes and his experience directing scientific, graphics library, visualization, training, education, simulation, and gaming content for commercial, government, and private organizations. Heneghan explained, “The Serious Games Summit is one of the premier events in this industry, and provides a great opportunity for Virtual Heroes to share our unique expertise and value proposition with professionals looking for advanced learning solutions.” For more information regarding Serious Games Summit DC 2006, interested parties can visit the event's official website.

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