UK Sales Chart, Week Ending February 11th

Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed: Most Wanted has remained at the UK number one spot for a tenth week, equalling the record set by Eidos’ Who Wants to be a Milli...
Electronic Arts’ Need For Speed: Most Wanted has remained at the UK number one spot for a tenth week, equalling the record set by Eidos’ Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2001. Although the game has twice been pushed out of the top spot, it has recovered both times, despite an unremarkable critical reception. Although much of the chart remains identical to the previous week, Electronic Arts’ Rugby 06 has done predictably well, debuting at number five, as the Six Nations rugby tournament continues to incite consumer interest. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is a more surprising entry at number ten, although it is one of the few recent Nintendo DS titles not to have its top forty position limited by bundled software not being included in chart calculations. The static nature of the top ten may suggest a lack of new releases, but in fact the UK market in February has been busier than previous years with a number of low profile, but critically lauded, titles making their debut. A continuing feud between retailer GAME and Electronic Arts seems to have once again prevented We Love Katamari from entering the top forty, though, with THQ’s delayed release of Psychonauts not even having that excuse for its non-appearance. The highest new entry outside of the top ten was Pseudo Interactive’s Xbox 360 exclusive Full Auto at number sixteen. Movie license Chicken Little debuted at number twenty-three, although as with most film licenses, it is likely to catapult up the chart once the movie is released in British cinemas next week. The Rome: Total War Gold Edition, including the original game and its expansion pack, entered the chart at number thirty-one, while PSP titles Gottlieb Pinball Classics and Tales of Eternia entered at number thirty-seven and thirty-nine, respectively.
11Need for Speed: Most WantedEAAll Formats12
22The Sims 2EAAll Formats65
33Pro Evolution Soccer 5KonamiPS2/Xb/PC/PSP17
44FIFA 06EAAll Formats20
5NERugby 06EAPS2/Xb/PC1
65Peter Jackson's King KongUbisoftAll Formats13
77Rugby Challenge 2006UbisoftPS2/Xb/PC2
88Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesRockstarPSP15
910Star Wars: Battlefront IIActivisionPS2/Xb/PC/PSP15
10NEMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeNintendoDS1
Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2006 ELSPA (UK) Ltd

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