UK Sales Chart, Week Ending April 15th

Eidos’ latest Tomb Raider title continues to top the weekly UK game sales charts, with PlayStation 2 sales (accounting for 64 percent of all units sold) up 4 perce...
Eidos’ latest Tomb Raider title continues to top the weekly UK game sales charts, with PlayStation 2 sales (accounting for 64 percent of all units sold) up 4 percent on the previous week. With the FIFA World Cup just a few weeks away, though, it is soccer titles which dominate the top twenty, with Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2006 re-entering the charts at number five. The original PC version was released last year, but it is sales of the PSP version that have accounted for 60 percent of all sales of the game, with the new Xbox 360 version totaling just 27 percent – perhaps as a result of it being the first Xbox 360 to require a hard drive as standard. The new Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has performed proportionally better, at number ten, accounting for 90 percent of all sales of the game this week. Elsewhere in the top ten, Ubisoft’s King Kong game has performed strongly thanks to joint promotions with the DVD release of the movie. Animal Crossing: Wild World, meanwhile, has recorded its third consecutive week at number six – exhibiting some of the same chart longevity, albeit on a smaller scale, as seen in Japan. Budget priced mini-expansion The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff was the highest new entry outside of the top ten at number thirteen, followed by karaoke title SingStar Rocks! at number eighteen. Square Enix’s first self-published title – and the first game in the Dragon Quest series ever to be released in the UK – has performed relatively well at number nineteen, thanks to strong marketing support.
11Tomb Raider: LegendEidosPS2/Xb/360/PC2
24Ice Age 2: The MeltdownVivendiPS2/Xb/GC/PC/GBA/DS3
33FIFA Street 2EAPS2/Xb/GC/PSP/DS7
42The GodfatherEAPS2/Xb/PC4
5REFootball Manager 2006Sega360/PC/PSP11
66Animal Crossing: Wild WorldNintendoDS3
78Buzz! The Big QuizSonyPS25
815Peter Jackson's King KongUbisoftAll Formats19
95Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterUbisoftPS2/Xb/3606
10REBattlefield 2: Modern CombatEAPS2/Xb/3601
Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2006 ELSPA (UK) Ltd

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