UK Retailer GAME Launches 'GAME Downloader' PC Tool

UK retailer GAME has announced a new browser-based software tool called GAME Downloader which notifies users when game updates, demos, trailers, mods and indie titles are available for download.
UK retailer GAME has furthered its presence in the digital downloads space with the announcement of a new software tool called GAME Downloader. Built by software developer GameShadow and usable through a web browser, the application will scan a user's PC and notify them when DLC or patches for games they already own are available. In addition, the service -- which is the first of likely many moves by the predominant UK physical game retailer -- can let gamers know when new demos, trailers, mods and indie titles are ready for download. GAME already offers full PC game downloads through its digital shop powered by Metaboli, a third-party provider of downloadable video game content. "We're continuing to enhance the customer experience through digital services and GAME Downloader is an example of how we can add value and engage more closely with gamers who shop for discs and downloads," said Paul Howes, GAME's general manager of digital services.

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