UK Charts: Wii Fit Holds Off The Lord Of The Rings

EA’s The Lord of the Rings: Conquest has become the first new entry of the year in the UK sales charts, charting highly despite mixed reviews. Wii Fit remains at number one -- will there be shake-ups in the rest of the market leaders this we
EA’s The Lord of the Rings: Conquest has become the first new entry of the year in the UK sales charts, with the Xbox 360 version charting at number three in the individual platform chart and the PlayStation 3 version at number 10. Wii Fit remains at number one for the second week, with an 18 percent rise in sales, leading an iron-clad top ten list that sees little movement this week. But most of the rest of the top 40 actually saw a decrease in sales on the previous week, with Wii Play at number two down by 19 percent. In the separate all-platform chart, which combines all SKUs of a game into a single chart position, the situation is much the same, with Wii Fit also the best seller. Call Of Duty: World At War is at number two, with an 18 percent drop in sales, while The Lord of the Rings: Conquest enters new at number three. There are no new entries in either chart, although a number of older releases do reappear in the bottom end of the individual platform top 40, including Carnival Funfair Games on Nintendo DS at number 28, Big Brain Academy for Wii at number 34, Lego Batman on Wii at number 35 and Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360 at number 39. Overall in the individual platform top 40, there are 14 titles for the Xbox 360, 11 for the Wii, seven each for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3, one for the PC and none for the PSP and PlayStation 2.
11Wii FitNintendoWii
22Wii PlayNintendoWii
3NEThe Lord of the Rings: ConquestEA360
44Call of Duty: World at WarActivision360
55Dr Kawashima's Brain TrainingNintendo360
63Mario Kart WiiNintendoWii
76Mario & Sonic at the Olympic GamesSegaWii
810Call of Duty: World at WarActivisionPS3
97Gears of War 2Microsoft360
10NEThe Lord of the Rings: ConquestEAPS3
Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2009 ELSPA Ltd

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