Ubisoft Opens Far Cry 2 Space In PlayStation Home

Ubisoft has launched an interactive Far Cry 2 space within PlayStation Home's closed beta in North America and Europe, where players can interact, explore in-game environments and learn about the game -- making it the first third-party space within
Ubisoft's just-launched Far Cry 2 "space" in PlayStation Home's closed beta in North America and Europe is the first third-party game area to hit Sony's PlayStation 3-based virtual world, the company says. The Far Cry 2 space in Home features details taken from the game universe and promises it "will become a fully-interactive experience" and "continue to grow and evolve alongside PlayStation Home." Ubisoft plans to add new features and functions to the space as it grows, hoping to provide a community around the game and offer players info about Far Cry 2, including its characters, missions and strategies. Home users will be able to play multiplayer games of the African board game Mancala in the Far Cry 2 space using bullets as game pieces, and socialize in in-game environments such as a bombed-out train station turned into a cafe. Finally, Far Cry 2 can be launched directly from its Home space. "We're absolutely thrilled to collaborate with PlayStation on this ground-breaking endeavor and have Far Cry 2 be the first third-party video game to have an official space in PlayStation Home," says Tony Key, Ubisoft U.S. senior vice president of marketing and sales "Far Cry 2's open world setting offers players a level of immersion that very few video games can match, and bringing that robust and dynamic environment to PlayStation Home will allow players to further engage themselves in the game's gritty African setting in fun and interactive ways."

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