Ubisoft: Haze Sticks To PlayStation 3

Publisher Ubisoft has appeared to confirm that forthcoming shoot ‘em-up Haze is only confirmed to debut on PlayStation 3, after the game, from TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, had originally been announced as a multiformat release.
Officials from Ubisoft have appeared to confirm that the forthcoming first person shoot ‘em-up Haze is now a lifetime PlayStation 3 exclusive, after a continued period of confusion over the game’s format status. The game, from TimeSplitters developer Free Radical, had originally been announced as a multiformat release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Shortly after the game’s debut at E3 2006 the PlayStation 3 was announced as the lead platform for the game. The game then became a de facto timed exclusive, with the PlayStation 3 version scheduled for release in November 2007 and the Xbox 360 and PC versions expected sometime next year. Speaking to consumer website GameSpot, an unnamed Ubisoft spokesperson indicated that a PlayStation 3 version is currently the only one in development, with only a vague hint of “new partnerships” in the future and the comment: “The official statement on PC and Xbox 360 is that these platforms are not confirmed.” Sony has come under increasing criticism in recent months, from analysts and fans, for a perceived loss of previously PlayStation exclusive franchises, and a lack of other third party exclusives to take their place. Ubisoft’s comments have given no indication that Sony has been involved in the decision making process for Haze, however.

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