Ubisoft, Cranium Unveil Wii Exclusive Cranium Kabookii

Furthering its expansion into the casual space, Ubisoft has announced it will partner with toy designer Cranium for Cranium Kabooki, a team-based family game for Wii that combines puzzle, drawing and trivia games using the Wii Remote and special "K
Ubisoft, has announced an agreement with toy and board game designer Cranium to create a Cranium video game for Wii, set to debut in December 2007. Cranium Kabookii, a family game; teams use the Wii Remote and special "Kabookii Decoder Glasses" to play puzzle, drawing and acting games together -- like using the Wii Remote as a spray can to paint the solar system, as a xylophone hammer, or to answer trivia quizzes, while the Decoder Glasses let players see clues hidden on the screen. In addition to the United States edition,Cranium Kabooki will also have international questions localized for the languages and cultures of Canada, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with all editions are created specifically by and for people from the countries for which the game is created. “Ubisoft’s creative team has a deep appreciation for our brand and the expertise to translate Cranium’s high touch, multiple activity play in an interactive, clever and, most importantly, fun way," says Cranium co-founder and "chief noodler" Whit Alexander said.

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