Trion: President Has 'Transitioned Out' Of Company

After over three years with the company, Might & Magic franchise creator Jon Van Caneghem is no longer with online gaming firm Trion World Network, say online reports.
Industry vet Jon Van Caneghem has "transitioned out" of his executive role with online gaming firm Trion World Network, Joystiq reports. Van Caneghem, who was co-founder and president of the firm, " longer holds any operational responsibilities at Trion," according to a rep. "His creative and operational roles have been distributed among the talented senior team." A career page under Van Caneghem's name on business networking site LinkedIn currently lists his profession as "entrepreneur." His position as "president and founder at Trion World Network" is listed under past experience. According to the profile, he held the position at Trion from January 2006 to April 2009. Van Caneghem co-founded Trion with former EA online exec Lars Buttler in 2006. Van Caneghem is also known for founding New World Computing, and creating the Might and Magic series. Privately-held Trion has raised $100 million in funding, and hopes to impact the games industry with dynamic online, live programming-driven games. Trion's statement added, "[Van Caneghem's] departure is a part of the natural evolution of the growing company. To manage an ambitious and successful operation, the Company will always rely on its core belief that great teams plus great processes make great games." Gamasutra has attempted to contact both Buttler and Van Caneghem. We'll update with any new information we receive.

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