Trion Adds Former Webzen, Cyworld Execs

Broadband games and entertainment publisher and developer Trion World Network has announced two new hires to its executive team, adding former Cyworld sales and marketing VP Peter Matiss along with Won Seok Chung, formerly of Webzen, to help strengthen it
Earlier this year, Trion World Network announced a partnership with Hewlett Packard to develop the technology infrastructure for a dynamic, multi-platform content delivery system. Following that, the broadband games and entertainment publisher and developer announced it had raised 30 million dollars in investments for their endeavors. Now, the company has announced some new additions to its executive leadership. The company has brought on Peter Matiss as vice president, marketing and sales, and Won Seok Chung as senior director of business development. Matiss was previously Webzen America's VP of marketing and sales, and prior to that, he helped build a variety of franchises like RollerCoaster Tycoon, Monopoly, Risk, Dungeons & Dragons and Sid Meier’s Civilization for Atari. He'll now lead all brand development, marketing and sales activities at Trion. As for Chung, he's former department head and director at online social networking destination Cyworld, where negotiated contracts and strategic partnerships. Before joining Cyworld, Chung spent several years as a NCSoft executive, spearheading joint ventures with the likes of Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Intel, NVIDIA and Sina. He'll play a similar role at Trion, identifying and negotiating strategic alliances for the company globally. The company adds it's currently interviewing potential partners, IP owners and developers for its global publishing platform. “Matiss and Chung are critical hires for us,” Dr. Lars Buttler, CEO and co-founder, stated. “Trion is a new type of publisher, uniquely positioned to be the go-to partner for premier IP created for the connected world.” [The preceding article originally ran at Gamasutra's sister site Worlds in Motion.]

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