Trinigy Integrates Fork Particle Effects Into Vision Engine

Game engine developer Trinigy has integrated Fork Particle's real-time particle effects solution into its Vision Engine VForge scene editor, the two companies announced today.
Game engine developer Trinigy has integrated Fork Particle's real-time particle effects middleware into its Vision Engine, the two companies announced today. The integration, which ties the Fork Particle Visual Effects Tool & SDK into the Vision Engine's VForge scene editor, is slated for availability next month. In a joint statement, Trinigy and Fork Particle said the resulting solution "streamlines the particle effects production pipeline and enables real-time simulation of effects in-game." "Trinigy's Vision Engine is one of the best 3D games engines on the market. We are excited about this product integration with Vision’s run-time engine and VForge, Vision’s built-in scene editor," said Fork Particle CEO Noor Khawaja. "Trinigy users will find Fork Particle a powerful tool for quickly creating and iterating fantastic particle effects." Trinigy managing partner Dag Frommhold returned the compliment, adding, "Fork Particle provides a superb particle effects technology and particle editor solution for video game developers. Game developers using our Vision Engine with Fork Particle can now enjoy even more creative freedom in the creation of real time graphics by authoring spectacular particle effects out-of-the-box." Fork Particle's existing clients include developers Turbine, Twisted Pixel, Net Devil, and Electronic Arts, while Vision Engine users include Ubisoft, Blue Byte, Firefly Studios, Caipirinha Games, and recently-formed Robot Entertainment.

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