The Beatles, MTV To Announce Rock Band-Related Partnership?

Gamasutra has received an invitation to a major joint press conference tomorrow involving Harmonix owners MTV and The Beatles rights-holder Apple Corps, with industry speculation that the announcement is related to Beatles content appearing in Rock Ban
Could Beatles music be coming to Rock Band at last? Gamasutra has received an invite to a major press conference tomorrow that will join Harmonix owners MTV and Apple Corps -- rights-holder to The Beatles' music -- and industry speculation suggests that's just what they'll announce. Earlier media reports indicated that Apple Corps -- along with EMI, who represents the band's business interests and owns its master recordings -- were "in discussions" with both Activision and MTV, according to a June Financial Times article reported by CNet. At the time, it looked like those negotiations would result in the seminal music group's songs making an appearance in either Activision's Guitar Hero or MTV's Rock Band. The media alert announcing tomorrow's press conference, to be held at 10:00am ET on Thursday, October 30th, simply reveals that Apple Corps and MTV will announce "an exclusive agreement to develop a global music project." No other information is currently available on the call, which will be presented by Apple Corps CEO Jeff Jones, MTV Networks chairman and CEO Judy McGrath, and MTV Networks Music/Logo Group president Van Toffler. Gamasutra will update with more details following tomorrow's press conference.

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