TGS: Marvelous' Hashimoto: '2D Requires Sacrifice'

Vanillaware, maker of Odin Sphere, is currently developing a high-res 2D game - Oboro Muramasa. Publisher-side producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto here describes how making this sort of game requires "lives and sacrifice."
Vanillaware is the company behind such games as Princess Crown, and recent media darling Odin Sphere, and is currently developing Oboro Muramasa, a 16:9 high-res (480p) 2D action game for the Wii. Gamasutra spoke with Yoshifumi Hashimoto, the producer from Marvelous, the game’s publisher, about the resurgence of 2D console games in recent months -- three high-res 2D games are currently in development from different companies (Nintendo, Marvelous, and SNK Playmore). "Because it’s high-res," says Hashimoto, "making those high-res dot graphics are really difficult. We have to put our lives and sacrifice into making this game." Hashimoto went on to admit that the game might not be a huge seller, certainly targeted at the core market -- but that the developers are trying to make it playable for casual audiences as well. "As for why we’re doing this, it’s really because I play these games myself for fun, and just like them," he says. "Really, for all of us, we’re making a 2D game because we love them." Gamasutra will have a larger interview with Hashimoto at a later date, dealing with topics such as the difficulty of making a 2D game playable in both 16:9 and 4:3 formats, and the creation of high-res 2D.

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