Terminal Reality To License Out Infernal Engine

Ghostbusters developer Terminal Reality will start licensing out its cross-platform next-gen game engine, the Infernal Engine, to third parties as middleware, the studio has announced.
Ghostbusters developer Terminal Reality will start licensing its game engine, the Infernal Engine, to third parties, the studio announced. The Texas-based developer is known for titles such as the BloodRayne series, as well as the original Windows versions of Monster Truck Madness, and is currently working on the Ghostbusters adaptation for Atari, after Activision dropped the game following its Vivendi acquisition. The Infernal Engine is a cross-platform development engine for next-gen consoles and PC, and the company says it features an advanced physics solution, particle system and realistic rendering features. The company says it also offers support for developers using the tech and its content pipeline. Threewave Software CEO Dan Irish, apparently already using the engine, vouched for the tech. "Infernal's integrated toolset and speedy build process help us prototype levels and gameplay quickly," he said. "Our artists have a lot of control over the look of the game compared to other popular engines." "The built-in scripting system and object tools allow designers and artists to be more flexible with limited resources, while the cross-platform nature of Infernal reduced our overall multi-SKU development risk," he added. Terminal Reality has created a tech demo for the ongoing DICE Conference in Red Rock, Nevada, that features The Stranger from the company's 1999 game Nocturne. The company also uses the engine itself in Ghostbusters, which is due out in 2009.

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