Telltale, GameTap, Reveal Sam and Max Season Two Debut

'Ice Station Santa,' the holiday-themed first episode of Telltale's Sam & Max Season Two, is set to debut November 8th for subscribers to GameTap's broadband entertainment network, pitting the "freelance police" against a not-so-jolly Claus as the
Telltale Games and GameTap have revealed details on the previously-announced second season of its Sam & Max episodic series. The first episode of Sam & Max Season Two, "Ice Station Santa," will debut on November 8, 2007 for subscribers to GameTap's broadband entertainment network. The following day, on November 9, the premiere episode will be released worldwide from Telltale's website. "Ice Station Santa", framed for the holiday season, pits Sam & Max against a malevolent Santa as they try to save Christmas for the world's kids. "First seasons are always the proving ground, so it's great that they get the chance to take Sam & Max through a new season of ever more bizarre and hilarious episodes," says Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell. Each new Sam & Max episode will launch first on GameTap on the second Thursday of the month, followed one day later by its premiere on the Telltale site. After "Ice Station Santa" in November, Episode 2 is scheduled for January 10 for GameTap subscribers and January 11 worldwide. Monthly releases will continue up through the season finale in April, for a total of five games in Season Two. As with Sam & Max Season One, customers can purchase the full Season Two set or individual episodes from Telltale, or play the games as part of a subscription to GameTap. "For Season Two, we have taken all the best elements of the first season and improved on them even more," says Telltale's CEO Dan Connors. "Telltale is cranking the whole episodic experience up another notch and you can expect a very enjoyable six months."

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