Telephia: U.S. Mobile Game Purchases Grow In Q2

According to new research released by Telephia, mobile game downloads have continued to demonstrate strong performance, with downloads up 15 percent and average monthly revenue up 63 percent since the third quarter of 2005.
According to new research released by independent consumer metrics firm Telephia in its Q2 2006 Telephia Mobile Game Report, mobile game downloads have continued to demonstrate strong performance. The firm's research claims that nearly 13.5 million wireless customers within the United States having downloaded at least one game during the second quarter of 2006, up 15 percent since the third quarter of 2005. This figure represents average monthly revenue of $46.9 million for the quarter, a number that has seen an impressive 63 percent jump since 2005's third quarter. The new report from Telephia indicated that revenue share for EA Mobile's Tetris led all titles for the period with a 5.1 percent share. Namco's Pac-Man ranked second in overall share with 3 percent, followed by EA Mobile's Bejeweled with 2.8 percent of the total revenue share. Another Namco title, Ms. Pac-Man claimed 2.3 percent of total revenues to become the fourth most lucrative mobile title for the quarter, while World Poker Tour -- Texas Hold 'Em by Hands-On Mobile secured a 2.2 percent share for fifth. The firm noted that overall, EA Mobile was responsible for more than 29 percent of total publisher revenues in the second quarter, with its closest competitors, Namco and Hands-On Mobile, coming well behind with an 8.4 and 8.2 percent share, respectively. Glu Mobile secured 7.4 percent of mobile revenue, followed by Gameloft with its 7.1 percent share. "In less than a year, average monthly mobile game revenues have increased by nearly two-thirds, from $28.7 to $46.9 million during the most recent quarter," said Kanishka Agarwal, Telephia's vice president of new products. "Backed by an increasingly growing audience, both big gaming brands and new upstarts have taken a slice of that revenue pie."

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