Take-Two Appoints New Board Member

Officials from Take-Two have announced the appointment of MLB Advanced Media CEO Robert A. Bowman to the company’s board of directors, increasing the number of directors to eight, with current director J Moses appointed to serve on the company’s audit com
Officials from Take-Two Interactive have announced the appointment of Robert A. Bowman to the company’s board of directors, with current director J Moses appointed to serve on the company’s audit committee. Bowman is president and CEO of Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the interactive media company of Major League Baseball and also a member of the board of directors of Blockbuster, World Wrestling Entertainment and The Warnaco Group. He also serves as president of the Michigan Education Trust. Take-Two Interactive already has a relationship with Major League Baseball Advanced Media, through the company’s 2K Sports titles, although it is not clear to what degree this influenced Bowman’s appointment. Before joining Major League Baseball, Bowman was president and CEO of Internet retailer (now owned by Fry’s Electronics). Bowman’s appointment is part of Take-Two’s ongoing attempts to revitalize the company in the aftermath of a shareholder revolt, which saw new chairman Strauss Zelnick and CEO Ben Feder take control of the company. The addition of Bowman increases the number of directors eight, with six independent directors, plus Zelnick and Feder. "We are very pleased to have Bob join the Take-Two Board of Directors," said Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two's chairman. "Bob's tenure with Major League Baseball, as well as his experience as an entrepreneur, a senior corporate and financial executive, and his public sector service will provide Take-Two with tremendous perspective. We look forward to drawing on his insight and experience." Bowman commented, "I recognize the great talent at Take-Two and the amazing opportunities in the video game industry. I am especially excited about joining the board of directors as the new management revitalizes the company."

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