Square Enix Promises To Retain Eidos Brand

Square Enix will run new acquisition Eidos as a wholly-owned subsidiary, but says it intends to allow it its independence -- Eidos CEO Phil Rogers will stay in his current role.
Square Enix will run new acquisition Eidos as a wholly-owned subsidiary, but says it intends to allow it its independence. Eidos CEO Phil Rogers keeps his current role, and will report directly to Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada. In a statement, Square Enix emphasized that Eidos will "continue to focus on delivering on the clear strategy to leverage the company’s franchises and develop world class games." Aside from Deus Ex 3 currently in development at Eidos Montreal and rumors of a new Thief title percolating, Eidos' future direction is little known. No scheduled sequels in its prominent franchises, such as Tomb Raider and Hitman, have been announced. The Japanese Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest house gains a foothold in the Western market with the £84 million ($123m) purchase of the UK-headquartered Tomb Raider publisher, officially finalized last week. "This is an exciting beginning to what I believe will be an incredible journey," says Wada. "I am very happy that Phil Rogers has agreed to lead Eidos in what I see as an international marriage between our two companies, a marriage that will give birth to great things. Eidos is a content rich company and a culturally significant business to the Square Enix group." "This is a watershed moment for Eidos," Rogers comments. "We have the backing of an incredible company which believes in our strategy and our people. In the Square Enix group, we have a parent company, which I have held in high respect for many years, with their meticulous level of perfection and unyielding directive to never compromise on quality." "We have an incredible opportunity to truly deliver on our creative vision, this is a new chapter for Eidos."

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