Sony Promises 27 PS3 Playables for Tokyo Game Show

Sony has announced it will be revealing 27 games in playable form for its forthcoming Playstation 3 at September's Tokyo Game Show 2006, including Devil May Cry 4, Ridge Racer 7, and many first-party titles, more than doubling the amount shown at t
A month ahead of the consumer oriented Tokyo Game Show, Sony has announced it will be revealing 27 games in playable form for its forthcoming Playstation 3, according to reports from major news agency Reuters. The list of games expected to be exhibited at the show, set to take place from September 22nd to 24th, includes the majority of those playable at this year's E3, such as Incognito's Warhawk, Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword, and Game Republic's Genji. It has also been bolstered with high profile offerings from Capcom with its Devil May Cry 4, and Namco Bandai, with both Ridge Racer 7 and their most recent Gundam offering Target in Sight. Sony's own stable makes up the majority of the playables, with Eyetoy-enhanced card battler The Eye of Judgment, Gran Turismo, Formula One World Championship, MotorStorm, Lair, Resistance Fall of Man, and series stalwart Minna no Golf 5 (known in America as Hot Shots Golf) also making a playable showing. Koei's Fatal Inertia, Blade Storm, and Mah-jongg Convention IV, Konami's Coded Arms, From's Armored Core 4 and train simulator studio Ongakukan's Railfan round off the remainder of the titles announced thus far. With three months remaining until the Playstation 3's expected Japanese launch, a strong TGS showing is critical to Sony. Speaking to Reuters, KBC Securities analyst Hiroshi Kamide added, "It doesn't necessarily mean everything is running according to plan, but it's good to hear some positive development concerning the PlayStation 3." [UPDATE: Sony has also released information on some of the top PSP titles to be shown at TGS, including Konami's Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, which will be GPS compatible in some way, the PSP version of Ratchet & Clank, as well as Capcom's Japanese sequel Monster Hunter Portable 2 and Namco's Ace Combat X. Other notable titles compatible with the PSP's GPS add-on include a new version of Minna No Golf/Everybody's Golf, as well as Sega's portable planetarium software Homestar Portable, as well as PSP-specific navigation software.]

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