Softimage|XSI 3.5 Released

Softimage today announced the immediate availability of version 3.5 of its Softimage|XSI software and its family of processing and rendering products including Softimage|...
Softimage today announced the immediate availability of version 3.5 of its Softimage|XSI software and its family of processing and rendering products including Softimage|XSI Batch and Softimage|XSI Batch Universal. Effective immediately, qualifying commercial and educational institutions can access the significant toolset and performance enhancements in version 3.5 free of charge by downloading the new version from New Features in the 3.5 release include:
  • Shared memory architecture with mental ray for increased rendering speed as well as greater memory management.
  • Rapid Motion blur for large scenes
  • Incremental echo.
  • Greater memory management in that any texture or shadow map can now be divided into chunks in memory.
  • OGL accelerated scanline rendering and OGL accelerated shadow maps.
  • Final gathering falloff control.
  • Availability in Japanese.
  • More controls for Render Tree such as: new quick controls for renaming, new transparency & reflection controls, New Color Balance and HLS adjust nodes.
  • Better interface and workflow include: Net View, the unique web browser and asset management tool embedded in XSI is now available on Linux; new contextual SRT manipulators for those users who require additional functionality; independent pivot points; intelligent cluster overlap control.
  • Modeling improvements: automatic symmetrizing of polygons with UV and texture inheritance; xxtended functionality for multi-resolution Referenced Models; and quadrangulate triangulated and Ngon objects.
  • More precise controls for Texture Editor including: contour stetch UV's for truly easy texturing and pivot for transform tools.
  • Improvement to RenderMap include: support for non-square images and vertex color averaging.
  • Functions designed for game development include: GPU surface FX & Normal mapping for real time environments and vertex shader to pixel shader propagation.
  • New animation features include: Multiple new up vector controls and ghosting in the time warp f-curve display.
  • Practical scene management with Schematic View
  • New abilities for the Dopesheet such as the ability to deactivate/activate f-curves over time and globally.
  • More features for FUNCTION CURVE EDITOR such as support for negative region scaling and new Decompose Branch Selection.
  • Hair Simulation
  • Expanded functionality for the SDK
  • AAF Interoperability
  • Schematic Editing with Workflow enhancements Softimage|XSI v.3.5, the Softimage|XSI Batch, Softimage|XSI BatchUniversal and Softimage|Behavior systems are available immediately in both Linux and Windows versions.
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