SOE Chooses Live Gamer's Elements For Microtransactions

Sony Online Entertainment is the first publisher to implement Live Gamer's Elements micro- transaction platform, with unified virtual currency across EverQuest, Free Realms, and more.
Sony Online Entertainment will be the first publisher to implement Live Gamer's Elements microtransaction platform, enabling it to offer unified, cross-platform digital wallet and virtual item purchases across its client-side PC online titles through social, web and in-game channels. SOE already uses the microtransaction company's Live Gamer Exchange service for real money trading in several of its games. The two will work together over the next quarter to upgrade the existing infrastructure in SOE's titles; the games slated to take advantage of the Elements platform include EverQuest, EverQuest II, Free Realms, PoxNora, and other future releases. Live Gamer says Elements helps clients improve conversion rates, average revenue per user, and retention through new tools like an enhanced enterprise storefront, retail merchandising capabilities, advanced item offers, and new analytics features. The platform is designed for browser-based games, social network platforms, social applications, and client-side MMOs, with configurations for different integration types. Some of the upgrades introduced with the platform include options for SaaS or on-premise installation, dynamic currency conversion, batch programming, web storefront OpenSocial integration and Facebook Connect support, per user e-wallet policies (overdraft or maximum balances), parental controls for spending limits, API support for integration into existing thihrd-party platforms and products, and more. "The microtransaction industry has become increasingly specialized, and Live Gamer has helped us with advanced functionality that allows us to continually stay ahead of the curve in ecommerce," says Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley. He continues, "We chose Live Gamer to power our payments, merchandising and primary-secondary market solutions based on innovative technology, recognized track record in the market and an advanced, holistic approach."

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