SIGGRAPH: Luxology Debuts modo 202

Luxology recently debuted modo 202, the latest update to its 3D modeling, painting and rendering software, during SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston, featuring performance 42 percen...
Luxology recently debuted modo 202, the latest update to its 3D modeling, painting and rendering software, during SIGGRAPH 2006 in Boston, featuring performance 42 percent faster than modo 201, as well as improvements to the software's tool set and overall more streamlined workflow. Modeling enhancements made to the new version include a new create SubDiv option for the pen tool, and a new thicken tool for adding inner or outer thickness to geometry. A new object-to-object baking capability has also been added to capture the surface detail of a complex object and automatically apply to a simpler object for real-time applications. In addition, new “game” and “unitless” grids further increase modo's suitability for modeling game assets. Other modeling changes include a new bounding box display option for geometry, which facilitates the manipulation of large datasets; the capability for UV editing operations to be expedited in modo 202 with a new filled UV display mode that highlights unwanted overlaps in the UV editor; and a new interactive UV 'relax with a pinning' feature that helps to simplify the process of untangling overlapping UVs. Additional features and improvements include in modo 202 include those made to the render window, which now provides an editable Limited Region control for quickly rendering a specific portion of the image. In addition, soft shadows can now be generated from point and spot lights, and faster and more accurate image map re-sampling improves final image generation. Irradiance caching improvements were also made to modo 202, which Luxology notes elevate global illumination quality and performance. 3D painting behavior has also been improved with modo 202, especially concerning when working on areas such as folded UVs and along UV borders. 3D painting workflow is also bolstered with a new visible image ink display mode which lets artists place an image over a model and brush the image onto an underlying model. A new image ink stamp mode has also been added to speed up the interactive rapid placement of logos, dirtmaps, scars or other images on the surface of models. “modo 201 is fast, but modo 202 is blazing fast,” commented Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology. “modo 202 is a significant advancement towards our grand vision for modo. We built modo from the ground up to integrate modeling, painting and rendering in a way that dramatically improves workflow for 3D designers in all disciplines.” Registered modo 201 customers can upgrade to modo 202 free of charge, and a free 30-day full-featured evaluation version is now available for immediate download from the software's official website.

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