Sierra Unveils New IP With Acrobatic Shooter WET

At the Leipzig Games Convention, Sierra Entertainment unveiled an early teaser for a new IP from Happy Feet developer A2M, a third-person action/shooter called WET featuring a gun-slinging, swordfighting, acrobatic mercenary heroine named Ru
At the Leipzig Games Convention, Sierra Entertainment unveiled an early teaser for its new IP, WET, a cinematic third-person action/shooter. The lead character, Rubi, is a gun-for hire contracted by a wealthy man to find his wayward son -- and finds herself betrayed and on the run, crossing continents in search of the man who double-crossed her. In combat, she combines twin Colt Pythons with an arsenal of acrobatic moves that enable her to climb ledges, slide under obstacles, swing on poles and run along walls. In addition to the ranged gunplay, Rubi also employs a sword for stylized, sequence-based close-quarters fighting. The game is being developed by Montreal based studio A2M, which previously has worked on a number of console and handheld licensed titles such as Happy Feet, Ant Bully, Kim Possible and Monster House. "The mix of guns, acrobatics and swords in the midst of non-stop action will undoubtedly ensure Rubi takes the title as the most exciting heroine ever in video games," said Martin Tremblay, president, Worldwide Studios, Sierra Entertainment. "WET is an exciting addition to Sierra Entertainment's original games portfolio."

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