Sierra Announces PSP Exclusive Alien/Predator Film Tie-In

Sierra Entertainment has announced that it is developing a new third-person action adventure title exclusively for PSP based on the upcoming Alien/Predator movie, with players will taking the role of the Predator to fight off Aliens in both solo an
Sierra Entertainment has announced the development of a new PSP exclusive based on the new Aliens/Predator film to be released by Twentieth Century Fox on December 25th. The game is being developed by Rebellion, creator of the original Alien vs. Predator PC game. Sierra says the game will be a third-person action adventure which puts players in the role of the Predator, hunting down and eliminating the Alien species. It'll feature a wide array of weapons both classic and futuristic, and the Predator also gets a wrist computer with thermal vision and cloaking modes to help stalk the enemy. The Aliens/Predator game will also have co-op wireless multiplayer, where friends can play Predator comrades and fight off hordes of Aliens as a team. Additionally, a feature involving an "honor point" system will award weapons and armor upgrades and other success bonuses based on how closely the player adheres to the Predator's value system, with higher scores garnering bigger perks. "We're pleased to once again partner with Twentieth Century Fox to deliver an engaging interactive extension to the film," said Al Simone, senior vice president, Global Marketing for Sierra Entertainment.

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