Shiny's Perry Founds Game Consulting Business

Shiny Entertainment founder David Perry, who resigned from the now Atari-owned developer in Febru...
Shiny Entertainment founder David Perry, who resigned from the now Atari-owned developer in February to apparently help faciliate its sale, has launched a new video game consultancy agency named Perry, who is also on the Advisory Board of the Game Developers Conference, has announced that his agency will "be providing customized advice & services delivered confidentially to clients by some of the biggest names in the video games industry." It is unknown how this move will affect the continued future of Shiny Entertainment, which was founded in 1993 by Perry, and produced the hit Earthworm Jim series, as well as the financially successful Enter The Matrix, alongside other titles including MDK and Sacrifice. The studio was sold to French publisher Infogrames by Interplay in 2002 for an estimated $47 million, before the company bought the rights to the Atari name and logo, and was developing a new Earthworm Jim title at the time that Perry left - it is unclear whether the title is still being developed, though Atari announced the license acquisition for "next-generation handheld and online systems" at last week's E3 Expo.

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