Sega/Creative Assembly Announce Viking: Battle for Asgard

Sega has announced the latest title from Total War developer The Creative Assembly, in the form of action title Viking: Battle for Asgard, due for the Xbox 360 and PS3 early next year as a follow-up to the developer's previous game, Spart
Officials from Sega Europe and Sega of America have announced the latest title from Total War developer The Creative Assembly, in the form of action title Viking: Battle for Asgard. The game is due to be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in early 2008 and is the developer’s second recent console title following 2005’s Spartan: Total Warrior. Like Spartan: Total Warrior, the game is not historically accurate and features a wide range of gods and monsters from Norse mythology. The game is described as having an “an involving and addictive combat style with destructive mythical powers and abilities” and will also feature some level of real-time strategy control of allied troops. No visuals from the game have yet been unveiled, although it is expected to be previewed at the Leipzig Games Convention later this week. “Skarin is a cutting edge hero in a fantastic re-imagining of Norse Mythology. Skarin is obviously a very dangerous man,” said Gary Knight, European marketing director for Sega Europe. “Add in his inner conflict, a confused heritage and a growing distrust of the Gods and you have the makings of gaming’s next great hero.” The name of the title was leaked earlier in the week when a listing was made on the Gamestop retail website. Also revealed at the same time was a version of rhythm action game Samba de Amigo and Red Steel 2 for the Wii - although neither title has been confirmed by either Sega or Ubisoft, respectively.

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