Schoback, Zeschuk And Weinstein Elected To IGDA Board

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) announced the addition of new members to its Board of Directors.
Kathy Schoback, director of external development & publishing, Sega and Greg Zeschuk, joint-CEO, BioWare were elected to the two open board seats. David Weinstein, a senior software engineer at Red Storm Entertainment, was also appointed to the board. All three began their two-year board terms on May 1, 2002. New officers chosen by the board are Chairperson: Graeme Devine; Secretary: Kathy Schoback; and Treasurer: Robert Huebner. The complete list of the IGDA board of directors is:
  • Chairperson: Graeme Devine - designer/project manager, id Software
  • Secretary: Kathy Schoback - director of external development & publishing, SEGA
  • Treasurer: Robert Huebner - technical director, Nihilistic Software
  • Board Member: David Weinstein - senior software engineer, Red Storm
  • Board Member: Greg Zeschuk - joint-CEO, BioWare Corp.
  • Executive Director: Jennifer Pahlka - group director, Gama Network
  • Program Director: Jason Della Rocca
  • Chairperson Emeritus: Matt Toschlog - studio director, Outrage Games The IGDA is an independent, non-profit assocation which is managed by the Gama Network, which also produces Gamasutra.
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