Rovio Producing Angry Birds Animated Series

Angry Birds developer Rovio is producing an animated series based on the hit game, according to CEO Mikael Hed, potentially expanding a mobile game franchise into mass media licensing for the first time.
Angry Birds developer Rovio is producing an animated series based on the hit game, according to CEO Mikael Hed. Speaking to British TV industry site C21media (as reported by The New York Post), Hed said the company has been looking at "broadcast content" based around the game for a while now, and that the company is finally ready to "move into production" on an animated series for TV or the web. Rovio has been shopping the Angry Birds license to various production studios and representation agencies since last August, though no specific content deals have been announced. The move would make the popular title, which has been downloaded over 50 million times since its debut on iOS in late 2009, the first original mobile property to be adapted for other mass media. The title is also available on Android phones and the new Mac App Store, among other app platforms. Mattel unveiled an Angry Birds board game at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, complete with a spring-loaded slingshot to launch plastic birds at constructed pig fortresses. The game is due in stores for $15 this May. Rovio also sells Angry Birds branded plush toys and iPhone cases through their online store. Angry Birds publisher Chillingo was recently purchased by Electronic Arts, though the deal did not include licensing rights to the Angry Birds property or publishing rights to future games.

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