Round-Up: WoTW Faceplate, Retro Breakdance, Gravity Win

Today's round-up includes news on a novel limited-edition Japanese Xbox 360 faceplate, a particularly retro addition to Turner's GameTap service, and MMO creator Gravity'...
Today's round-up includes news on a novel limited-edition Japanese Xbox 360 faceplate, a particularly retro addition to Turner's GameTap service, and MMO creator Gravity's acquisition of mobile firm Neo-Cyon, as well as today's product news and Gamasutra job postings. - According to Japanese news reports at site Impress Watch, Paramount has announced a special promotion for the release of its War Of The Worlds DVD to give out 200 limited-edition Xbox 360 faceplates. The faceplates feature the movie's logo, alongside the 'red weed' that overwhelms Earth in the Steven Spielberg-directed film, and are another example of the limited-edition faceplate concept that Microsoft used to promote the Xbox 360 at 2005's E3 Expo. - Going back to the old school, Turner-owned GameTap has announced that it is adding the 1984 Commodore 64 title Breakdance to its retro gaming PC subscription service, apparently the first ever breakdance video game. According to GameTap, "Break Dance offers four modes, including Battle the Rocket Crew (you must duplicate all of their moves before they push you into the river)... [and] Hot Feet Dance contest (you go head to head with Hot Feet, the hottest breaker in the hood)" GameTap now has a catalogue of more than 300 titles, featuring notable arcade, console and PC hits, as well as more minor titles, and a monthly subscription is $14.95. - Recently Softbank-acquired Ragnarok Online MMO creator Gravity has announced that it has purchased a majority stake in Neo-Cyon, a Korean-based company which provides mobile multimedia content services to LG Electronics Inc., one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile phones. As well as a mobile business, Neo-Cyon was, according to the company, the first online games services provider to publish an online game in Russia, and the current intent is for Neo-Cyon to complete Beta testing and then start commercial distribution of Ragnarok Online in Russia. Mr. Il Young Ryu, the Chief Executive Officer of Gravity, commented with regard to post-acquisition plans: "In order to meet the needs of the users of mobile multimedia contents, Gravity will seek to simultaneously introduce both online and mobile versions of games." - Also updated today: the latest product news, including Avid's release of Alienbrain Studio 7.5 and Havok's use of its physics in 2K's Amped 3, plus today's Gamasutra jobs, including positions from Amaze Entertainment, Apple Computer, Climax, Double Fine Productions, Electronic Arts - Tiburon, LucasArts/LucasFilm, Mind Control Software, Novalogic, Snowblind Studios, Stormfront Studios, Volition, Walt Disney Internet Group, and Woedend! Games.

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