Round Up: Windows XP on Macs, TellTale Episodic Pricing, Enzyme Multilingual Mobile Services

Today's round-up includes news of Intel-based Apple hardware running Windows XP, Telltale's episodic pricing structure, and new multilingual services provided by Enzyme L...
Today's round-up includes news of Intel-based Apple hardware running Windows XP, Telltale's episodic pricing structure, and new multilingual services provided by Enzyme Labs, as well as the latest posts from GameSetWatch, product news and Gamasutra job postings. - Apple Computer unveiled new "Boot Camp" software today that allows Intel-based Macs to run Microsoft's Windows XP software. The software allows users with a Windows XP installation disc to install the OS on an Intel-based Mac computer. It also lets users choose to use either Mac OS X software, or the Windows software when they restart their computer. "Apple has no desire or plan to sell or support Windows, but many customers have expressed their interest to run Windows on Apple's superior hardware now that we use Intel processors," Philip Schiller, Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, said in a statement. The public beta of Boot Camp is available immediately as a download at the Apple website. A final version of Boot Camp will be available as a feature in the upcoming Mac OS X version 10.5 "Leopard." - Developer TellTale has announced a new pricing model for its upcoming and already released episodic titles that better aligns with current models in other entertainment media. Effective immediately, all episodes in the Bone series that sell through Telltale's digital distribution channel will sell for $12.99. "We will expand the audience for games enormously by setting a price that competes directly with DVDs, music CDs, books and cable television," said Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale, Inc. "The demand for downloadable episodic content continues to grow, and Telltale is providing a steady stream of rich, fully interactive digital experiences at the same price as traditional media which lack the interactive dimension." - Enzyme Labs announced that they will introduce a range of multilingual testing and support services targeted at carriers, mobile game publishers and developers. Enzyme Labs will provide compatibility, functionality, connectivity, game-play, balancing, pre-certification and linguistic testing for the mobile game market in over 12 languages, as well as localization services. All the testing and localization services are offered for BREW, Java, and Symbian game platforms. In addition, Enzyme Labs has also secured local access to all major CDMA and GSM worldwide carrier frequencies to enable all of the mobile testing and porting services to be provided from one central location. “The introduction of multilingual mobile game testing and localization services is a natural extension of our business model of focusing specifically on the game market,” said Yan Cyr, President and CEO of Enzyme Labs. - The latest updates on Gamasutra sister weblog GameSetWatch include a first-hand look at Rockstar's somewhat perplexing Table Tennis for the Xbox 360, the use of humor in video games, Dreamcast's classic 2D fighting games, and the introduction of weather effects in Blizzard's World of Warcraft. - Also updated today: product news, featuring Perforce Software's SCM used by developer Free Radical Design, and a new engineering division for Emergent Game Technologies, as well as the latest Gamasutra job postings, featuring openings from Blizzard, LucasArts, Ncsoft, Next Level Games, Pandemic Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Radical Entertainment, Vivendi Universal, Volition, and WildTangent.

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