Round-Up: TGS Floor, Lumines Mobile, Sidhe U.

Today's wrap-up includes news on relative booth sizes for next week's Tokyo Game Show, some handheld console titles coming to mobile, and a New Zealand game-based scholar...
Today's wrap-up includes news on relative booth sizes for next week's Tokyo Game Show, some handheld console titles coming to mobile, and a New Zealand game-based scholarship, as well as the latest product news and Gamasutra job postings. - The floor plan for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, held from September 16-18th, has been revealed, with a couple of unusual allocations of space. Particularly notable is the smaller-than-expected size of the Microsoft booth, where the Xbox 360 must make a heavy impression on showgoers, and the Square Enix booth, which has foregone its usual stadium size in favor of a small room in the developers' hall alongside such publishers as Genki and Atlus, partly due to a stand-alone showcase the company mounted last month in Japan. Indeed, Square's booth appears to be not much bigger than its goods stall in the same hall. - Mobile phone games publisher Gameloft has signed a deal with Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment to release Lumines and Meteos on mobile phones. Originally designed for the PSP and Nintendo DS respectively, the two titles are both puzzle games with fairly simple controls and should theoretically survive the transition to phones intact. "We are delighted to partner with Gameloft, who is the ideal mobile game partner for Q. We are confident of their ability to deliver our games' gameplay and style—the combination that has made them a success," said Q Entertainment CEO Shuji Utsumi. - New Zealand-based developer Sidhe Interactive (GripShift, Rugby League) has announced that it will help stimulate development in the country by offering a tuition of $4,000 NZ to a student hoping to enroll in the Media Design School's program for a Graduate Diploma of Game Development. Once Sidhe's contribution for the first year of study has been given, the Media Design School has pledged to match it for the student's second year. The scholarship will go to one entering student into the program; applications are due September 16th for students enrolling for the school year beginning September 26th. For scholarship eligibility criteria and application details, contact Simon Earle. Also updated today: product news including Innaworks' release of mBooster 2.0, and Gamasutra job postings including new positions from Electronic Arts, High Impact Games, Liquid Entertaiment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and THQ.

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