Round-Up: New Sensible Soccer, Harris Joins Matrix, EverQuest Artist Passes

Today's wrap-up includes news on the resurrection of an Amiga soccer classic, a seminal board game developer's signing up with Matrix Games, and a sad passing for a game-...
Today's wrap-up includes news on the resurrection of an Amiga soccer classic, a seminal board game developer's signing up with Matrix Games, and a sad passing for a game-related fantasy illustrator, alongside today's product news and job postings. - Codemasters has announced the development of a new Sensible Soccer, the first since the series' end with Sensible Soccer 97/98 for Amiga. Sensible Soccer 2006 will be released in the second quarter of 2006, featuring cel-shaded graphics with the series' traditional oversized heads. "Following the success of Sensible Soccer's recent mobile edition and the fantastic retro Plug 'n' Play TV version of the game, it's great to bring a truly new version out for the first time in over eight years on all of the major formats," said Jon Hare. Hare, the designer of the original Sensible Soccer, will return to contribute to the new title. - Larry Harris, the creator of the Axis and Allies board game, has joined Matrix Games, developer of strategic military sims such as Flashpoint Germany and War in the Pacific. Harris' career spans several board game manufacturers such as Milton Bradley, Mattel, and Parker Brothers, during which time he amassed 200 games to his name. "We are honored to be working with Larry and we are extremely excited about the games he is working on and the veteran perspective he brings to the game design and development process," said Matrix director of operations David Heath. - Keith Parkinson, fantasy artist and illustrator of all packaging for the first EverQuest and its expansions, has sadly passed away at 47 due to leukemia complications. Parkinson [pictured above] created the popular MMORPG's iconic character Firiona Vie, who graced all of the box art for the game, and recently had taken up a position at Vanguard creator Sigil Games as art director. In addition to his game work, Parkinson had illustrated many book covers for authors such as Orson Scott Card and Terry Brooks, as well as Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms manuals for TSR, and a tribute to him is currently displayed on the official EverQuest website. - Also updated today on Gamasutra: product news including the latest release for ReplicaNet and Tira Jump's inclusion in the Nokia Preminet Solution, as well as the latest Gamasutra job postings from companies including Activision/Infinity Ward, Activision/Z-Axis, Gameloft, Liquid Entertainment, Midway Games, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Three Rings.

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