Round-Up: Brothers On History Channel, Pokémon Recall, Kunkel Book

Today's round-up includes news on a cable network using video games to portray historical events, an unfortunate event surrounding Nintendo's latest Pokemon title ...
Today's round-up includes news on a cable network using video games to portray historical events, an unfortunate event surrounding Nintendo's latest Pokemon title in Japan, and a new autobiography from a video game journalist veteran, as well as today's product news and Gamasutra job postings. - The History Channel has turned to video games to show events that conventional cameras failed to reach: after using images from Rome: Total War in a special, the producers of Brothers in Arms: The Untold Stories of the 502nd will recreate events from the paratrooper drop over Normandy using the in-game engine of Gearbox Software's Brothers in Arms. "The emotional attachment to these soldiers is different when you see the places they're talking about in full 3-D and in living color," said producer Gregg Backer. "You feel like you're there in 1944 with them as they recount their heroics." The two one-hour documentaries using the engine will air on December 18th. - The new Japanese Nintendo DS title Pokémon: Fushigi no Dungeon Blue is one of few DS titles to interact with Game Boy Advance games inserted into the bottom slot of the system -- by erasing the save data. Intended to work with data imported from Fushigi no Dungeon Red, released for the GBA, it poses a danger of erasing saved games (though not the actual game content) from any other GBA title present in the bottom slot. Nintendo has already officially apologized for the bug, and has recalled the game from shelves to replace it with fixed versions. Those who have already purchased the game will be able to receive a replacement copy. - Bill Kunkel, one of the first journalists dedicated to videogame writing, has published an account of his career called Confessions of the Game Doctor, published by Rolenta Press. Kunkel tells stories of the various magazines where he served, including Electronic Games, founded in 1981 with Arnie Katz. Other publications Kunkel either founded or helped begin include Videogames & Computer Entertainment, Sega Visions, PC Ace, and a new edition of Electronic Games in the 1990s. - Also updated today: product news, including Havok's adoption in two more Xbox 360 launch titles, and the latest Gamasutra job postings, with positions from Acony, Blue Fang Games, Disney Buena Vista Games, Insomniac Games, Radical Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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