Round-Up: EB Acquisition, Age Of Piracy, Modding Course

- Electronics Boutique, which was recently acquired by rival software retailer GameStop, has itself acquired Spanish-base...
- Electronics Boutique, which was recently acquired by rival software retailer GameStop, has itself acquired Spanish-based computing chain Jump Ordenadores S.L.U. Jump holds 141 stores throughout Spain, and sells a line of products that currently focuses on PC hardware, software, and other consumer electronics. After the deal, which is expected to finalize in the second quarter of the 2006 fiscal year, EB is expected to introduce videogame systems and software into Jump's stock as well. - Nokia has announced Age of Piracy for Java-enabled cell phones, available through its SNAP (Scalable Network Application Package) Mobile service. The game is a massively multiplayer title designed by Jadestone, and of particular interest to Gamasutra readers since Tommy Palm, the co-creator, wrote a feature on Gamasutra about mobile MMORPGs in late 2003 which included screenshots of the prototype. The game will feature sea battles and trading between players as they build up their pirate treasure hordes. Age of Piracy is due for release in late 2005. - The University of Gotland in Sweden is opening a program in game development that focuses on user-created mods, such as Counter-Strike for Half-Life or the Duct Tape mod for Doom 3. Students in the interdisciplinary program will work with each other as well as remotely with students from other parts of the world. "We are excited to give all the talented MODders, artists, programmers and game enthusiast a platform to work together that will enable them to use professional methods to produce MODs for the worlds leading games," Said Troels Linde, Senior Lecturer and head of the new program for the University of Gotland. - Also updated today: product news including fuller confirmations of PS2 support from NDL's Gamebryo 2 and from Metrowerks' Codewarrior, plus news on new game-related Gnomon Workshop DVDs, as well as newly updated jobs from companies including Blue Fang Games, Electronic Arts Los Angeles, Electronic Arts Vancouver, Emergent Game Technologies, Factor 5, and Rockstar Toronto.

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