Round Up: AT&T Online Gaming, Prey Mobile, Ads In Test Drive Unlimited

Today's round-up includes a deal between Sony Online Entertainment and AT&T to support SOE's PC massively multiplayer online games, Prey in development for mobile ...
Today's round-up includes a deal between Sony Online Entertainment and AT&T to support SOE's PC massively multiplayer online games, Prey in development for mobile phones, and dynamic advertisements to be included in the PC version of Test Drive Unlimited, as well as the latest GameSetWatch posts, Serious Games Source news, product news and Gamasutra job postings. - Sony Online Entertainment and AT&T jointly announced today that AT&T's Enterprise Hosting Services has launched a new online gaming practice group focused solely on the online gaming gamespace. This group will concentrate on the growing need of online gaming companies to support the speed and continuity made possible by AT&T’s Global IP Backbone. The newly formed group has a dedicated team partnered with hosting sales specialists devoted specifically to assist online gaming customers, including Sony Online Entertainment and its massively multiplayer online gaming titles, including EverQuest, EverQuest II, and PlanetSide. - 3D Realms Entertainment and MachineWorks Northwest have announced a new agreement that gives MachineWorks the exclusive worldwide mobile development rights to the upcoming first-person shooter, Prey. Under the agreement, MachineWorks, best known for creating Duke Nukem Mobile and Duke Nukem Bikini Project for mobile phones, will develop and distribute mobile versions of the next-generation game developed by Human Head Studios and produced by 3D Realms. Prey will ship this summer for PC and Xbox 360. Scott Miller, CEO and Co-founder of 3D Realms, said “It was an easy choice to work with MachineWorks on Prey Mobile, given their attention to quality and success with our Duke Nukem brand.” - Atari and independent in-game advertising company IGA Worldwide today announced an agreement that will see dynamic in-game advertisements included within the PC version of Test Drive Unlimited. Set to ship in September, the game will feature billboard locations and interactive branded content, including real-world campaigns and interactive stores for a number of brands, such as Ben Sherman and Marc Ecko clothing. The content will be served globally via IGA Worldwide’s proprietary Radial in-game ad serving network. - The latest updates on Gamasutra sister weblog GameSetWatch include a look at the E3 show floor layout back in 1995, an interview with Variant's CEO Christopher Boyer regarding the controversy surrounding 'dojin' title Cave Story, and's Jason Scott's “perfect game”. - Also updated today: Serious Games Source news on the state of serious games according to Games for Health's Ben Sawyer and info on E3: The Game serious game concepts, plus Gamasutra product news regarding Havok's support of Nintendo's Wii, as well as the latest Gamasutra job postings, featuring openings from Doppelganger, Factor 5, High Moon Studios, LucasArts, NCSoft, Ternary Software, and Wideload Games, plus a new project listing asking for a PC to PS2 game conversion team.

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