Report: Three Interested Parties For SCi/Eidos

Newspaper reports suggest that a total of three interested parties have now made bids for British publisher SCi, owners of Eidos Interactive (Tomb Raider, Hitman), with Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and an unnamed Chinese company all linked to a potential
Newspaper reports suggest that a total of three interested parties have now made bids for UK publisher SCi, owners of Eidos Interactive. According to British newspaper The Times, the first company to make their approach was Ubisoft, with SCi confirming a bid earlier in the month but refusing to name the company involved. The Times further suggests that the other interested parties include Time Warner, which already has a 10.3 percent stake in the company, and an unnamed Chinese company. It is unclear whether the Chinese company is already involved in the video games business or not. Continued speculation over a potential bidding war for the company, which publishes titles including Tomb Raider and Hitman, has seen SCi’s share price continue to rise, with the company now valued at around £300 million ($607m). However, SCi management are still thought to consider this valuation too low, which could see any potential deal fall through. Rumors of interest by Electronic Arts also continue to surround the story, although with SCi management failing to confirm any of the companies involved, it may be that only the eventual winner, if any, is ever officially revealed.

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