Report: More Top Brass Quit Brash

Brash Entertainment co-founder Thomas Tull and chief creative officer Larry Shapiro both quit the movie tie-in company, spelling further high-profile departures following co-founder Nicholas Longano’s exit in May for unspecified reasons.
Two more high-profile execs have quit movie tie-in publisher Brash Entertainment -- co-founder Thomas Tull exits with chief creative officer Larry Shapiro. The two join co-founder Nicholas Longano, who left the company in May. Brash was co-founded by Longano and Mitch Davis, both veterans of in-game advertising company Massive Incorporated, together with 300 movie executive producer Tull and media and technology industry entrepreneur Bert Ellis. The company has largely focused on movie, music and TV tie-ins developed by external studios. Longano’s reasons for leaving the company have never been detailed -- Hollywood trade paper Variety reveals that Shapiro actually quietly left the company as long ago as July. Tull, who is also chairman of movie studio Legendary Pictures, left the board more recently. Variety suggests that he was dissatisfied at the quality of the company’s games and strategic direction, although the publisher has released no official statement. Brash famously secured a $400 million financing deal and claims to have gained the use of more than forty film licenses through partnerships with five major film studios. Its first three games have received largely unfavorable reviews, however -- Alvin and the Chipmunks still sold relatively well, but less so for Space Chimps and Jumper: Griffin’s Story. As well as the officially announced Six Flags, The Tale of Despereaux and Saw games, Variety says that other unannounced titles include 300, Where the Wild Things Are, Clash of the Titans and Night at the Museum 2.

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